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Beauty is a word with endless descriptions. Beauty is a positive energy that should come from within, and not a state achieved by make-up and varnish.

If you want others to feel that you are beautiful you need to feel the same about yourself. Crissa Campus Crush, is an on-going campaign to represent beautiful young girls who has the confidence and inner beauty that can captivate any living soul.

Always remember that real beauty is more than what meets the eyes.

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Romica Lyan

Campus Crush for the Month of September

Oh, she's not your typical girl, she's a sweetheart! Just like the international romantic film, "Crazy Stupid Love" a lot of people connect her with the famous line, "The Combination of Sexy & Cute." Undeniably, she really is!

Introducing, our September Campus Crush, the sweetheart, Romica Lyan!

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Sachzna Laparan

Campus Crush for the Month of August

There is no right age to help your family, no specific time to catch your dreams and being a girl should not hinder you from being fearless. And guess what? Our August Campus Crush, Sachzna Laparan has proved it all.

At a young age, she started helping out her family & she got big dreams for herself. She entered the world of showbiz where people are so disapproving but it did not stop her from going straight to her goals, being an inspiration, and throwing kindness to everyone.

So, how can we not fan-girl to this sweet, beautiful Angel?

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Celine Santos

Campus Crush for the Month of July

A truly happy person knows that the world isn't perfect; they simply don't let that get in the way of their happiness.

Introducing, Celine Santos our July Campus Crush.

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Raine Mirani

Campus Crush for the Month of June

She is like the sounds of the rain, she calms everything down and gives everyone the happy feeling.

She is like the pouring rain, anyone could play, get the freedom and feel forever young.

She is Raine, her name suits the season. She is our Campus Crush for this Rainy month slash Back to school Season!

She enters the room and all eyes are on her, she speaks and everyone pays attention to her, she walks and everyone follows her steps.

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Kris Lontoc

Campus Crush for the Month of May

To the girl who always makes sure she'll not fail anyone who believes in her, to the girl who builds dreams to happen, not just wishes..

To the girl who inspires many people to work hard, never give up and believe on themselves, hey, Kris Lontoc welcome to the club!

She's someone everyone must look up to! Introducing our Campus Crush for the month of May, Ms. Kris Lontoc.

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Kate Pascual

Campus Crush for the Month of April

A memory maker, a sucker of fun moments, a great friend, a goal getter, a sweet daughter that's how people see Kate.

She'll bring so much love and excitement to the entire month of April.

Here's a Friend of the Club: Kate bringing some heat to summer!

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Daryl Hannah Sonsing

Campus Crush for the Month of March

We asked Daryl, why does she make art? She simply answered, art is for fun and adventure, building bridges between herself and the rest of other people; coming together and tracing pieces of thought, feeling and memory; and saying things that they can't express in any other way.

Meet Daryl, future designer slash our March Campus Crush! She'll start up our Summer with so much art, fun and adventure!

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Pinky Castellano

Campus Crush for the Month of February

It is for sure that everyone will be hit by cupid's arrow this month because of the beauty that Pinky possesses. You'll be attracted in the way she dresses and by her towering appeal.

She'll definitely give us a great love month!

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Sarah Edwards

Campus Crush for the Month of January

Every year we tend to be more positive, adventurous and artistic.

Sarah Edwards, our Campus Crush for January will share us her fun-filled moments for the entire month to keep us inspired that there is something to look forward to everyday; that there is something good in all situations. She smiled and everything turns so bright. smile emoticon

Sarah Jane Edwards, Campus Crush for January.

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