CRISSA, after being known by its clothing products is now getting the chance to take its offer to the next level. CRISSA is now penetrating its Market. Targeting the same audience, but this time, added CRISSA SHOES on its existing FASHION offers.


CRISSA resonates with a TEENAGE GIRL who is constantly up-to-date with the LATEST FASHION TRENDS and is generally EASY-GOING, BUBBLY and CAREFREE!
She smiles and the whole room lightens up.
She’s CHARMING, yet firm with what she believes in.
She’s definitely a HEAD-TURNER!
She is the CAMPUS CRUSH!


DURABLE, COMFORTABLE and STYLISH. Our very own CRISSA STEPS is the new CHIC feature on your wardrobe. Giving you CONVENIENCE and UP TO DATE TRENDS crafted specially for your soles for a more FUN and FASHIONABLE you! CRISSA STEPS WILL WALK WITH YOU!

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